The Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project (TSRCP) is a not-for-profit scientific group currently undertaking research on the biology and behaviour of the thresher sharks that visit Malapascua.  Established in 2005, the group is led by Dr. Simon Oliver and has become the leading authority on conservation work that is required to protect the vulnerable thresher shark and the reef area frequented by them, namely the Monad Shoal.

Thousands of visiting divers from around the world have visited Malapascua for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this elusive creatures when the sharks visit the cleaning stations on Monad Shoal. On any given morning during the peak tourist season, it is common to see as many as 100 divers congregated at Monad Shoal. Hence, to help ensure that the thresher sharks continue to visit the area, we must understand the characteristics of the reef at Monad Shoal and monitor the extent of diver impact on it. Only then can the locals and visitors be convinced that comprehensive conservation practices must be adopted for the benefit of both man and shark.

We are working closely with TSRCP to bolster outreach initiatives to better inform locals and visitors on the plight of the thresher sharks and the fragile status of the cleaning stations at Monad Shoal.

Visit the Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project website for more details about their activities.