With a growing population and tourism development, it is obvious that the terrestrial and aquatic resources of the island would be taxed. What needs to be ensured is that these resources are not over-burdened to a point where overall well-being of the community and environment is in danger.

The first target in this effort was a preliminary analysis of groundwater quality from specific community wells, initiated by Dr. Timothy Tan. These wells tap into the aquifers, replenished by rainwater, and are the primary source of potable freshwater for the local populace. However, the proximity of these wells to household toilets and coupled with the lack of use of septic tank facilities, seepage of sewage into the aquifers is highly suspected.

Once well-water quality data is obtained, we will share our findings with the local village leaders and the municipality of Daanbantayan to determine suitable remediation and prevention strategies that can be adopted to improve the quality of groundwater.