We are a group of divers, conservationists and educators who strongly believe that the benefits of dive tourism must contribute towards the improved welfare of the local stakeholders, both man and animal alike.

Central to this belief, is the fact that all of us highly regard the need to increase awareness in locals and tourists, of the impact of human activity on the environmental as well as socio-economic aspects of Malapascua.

There are too few examples around the world where dive tourism development co-exists with a well-maintained ecosystem and results in a significant improvement of the standard of living for the local populace.

Through Project Sharklink, we hope to establish a platform to generate ideas and solutions aimed at creating balance between rapid development and keeping Malapascua as a mecca for all amidst the azure waters of the Philippines.

Our Team

  • Anna Oposa (Philippines)

  • Bo Mancao (Philippines)

  • Daniel Geary (United States of America)

  • Dennis Bryan Bait-it (Philippines)

  • Gary Edgar Cases (Philippines)

  • Medel Silvosa (Philippines)

  • Seth Bacalso (Philippines)

  • Steven Lim (Singapore)

  • Timothy Tan (Malaysia)